Cultural Alignment training

For global teams, a vicious cycle of negative stereotyping and a ‘them and us’ mentality all too often leads to a breakdown in trust. We transform this pattern into a virtuous cycle of collaboration and increased productivity by aligning everyone around a single target culture and new ways of working.

We de-risk new teams by setting them up for success from day 1, instead of fixing problems down the line. For existing teams, this means course correction to get back on track for success.

Recruitment Reinvented

Our recruitment programme connects retention and attraction by putting our Cultural Alignment programme at the centre of the talent attraction campaign. In fact, by creating a start-up culture that attracts and keeps the best people we introduce a new ‘virtuous’ cycle.

From candidate brief to onboarding, we reinvent the recruitment journey at every step of the way. The result? Successful campaigns that deliver significant improvements in recruitment metrics compared to internal hiring teams, from improved candidate quality and quantity to faster time to hire.

Diversity & Inclusion Solutions

We apply the Together Global ethos and a ‘creative agency’ mindset to ensure your D&I initiatives make an impact, not just tick a box. In the case of SMEs, we design and deliver initiatives to brief. For larger organisations, we bring fresh perspectives to support your campaigns.

Covering all Strands including Gender, LGBTQ+ and policy-initiation, our collaborative design process engages all stakeholders, bringing them into the creative process to achieve end results that bring Diversity & Inclusion to life in new and engaging ways.


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